May 2015   |   Geoscience

As below, so above

U.S. and European researchers have teamed up to refine models of the deep processes that have shaped Earth.

Computer Science, Energy
May 2015

Cleansed coal

A University of Utah team is turning to high-performance computing to design a clean oxy-coal boiler.

Materials Science
April 2015

Toughening turbines

Supercomputer models help design self-healing materials to repair fissures in turbines.

Particle Physics
April 2015

Pointing the way

A Fermilab-led program is filling in the Standard Model with a boost from computing.

Science Highlights

March 2015

Multimetal nanoframes

Concentrating noble-metal catalyst atoms on the surface of porous nano-frame alloys shows over thirty-fold increase in performance.

A team of researchers has synthesized a highly active and durable class of electrocatalysts by exploiting the structural evolution of solid Pt-Ni bimetallic nanocrystals into porous cage-like structures or nanoframes. This novel material significantly enhanced catalytic activity for the oxygen reduction reaction – the splitting of an O2 molecule into two oxygen ions – that is critical to fuel cells and potentially other electrochemical applications.

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