November 2017   |   Computer Science, New Faces

Language barrier

A Purdue University professor is using a DOE early-career award to bridge gaps in high-performance computing languages.

Materials Science
November 2017

Rules of attraction

Supercomputers let an Oak Ridge National Laboratory-led group explore how atoms align in magnetic materials.

Astrophysics, Computer Science
October 2017

A Spark in the dark

The cosmological search in the dark is no walk in the park. With help from Berkeley Lab’s NERSC, Fermilab aims open-source software at data from high-energy physics.

Computer Science
October 2017

Quantum wave

Los Alamos experiments with a quantum-physics device that could boost computation to the next level.

Science Highlights

January 2017

Engineering new bits for quantum computers

Chicago and Argonne researchers simulate quantum bits for easier engineering of quantum computers.

Using supercomputers, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory scientists have predicted possible new qubits – the quantum analogue to classical computing’s 0 and 1 bit arrangement – built out of strained aluminum nitride. The team showed that certain newly developed qubits in silicon carbide have unusually long lifetimes.

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